Tadpole trike videos:

JaYoe (Matt Galat riding tadpole trike around the world)

David Goldman (David Rides A Trike)

LogNotching- Tennessee

Paul Whipple – Tennessee

trikeboy – Los Angeles, CA area

Jerry Blackerby – Kansas

abohdan – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nigel Pond – England

trikehobo – Oregon

ibrevbrick – Los Angeles, CA area

David Bruce

Graham Williams

Mark Filteau

Spinner Guy

Mr. Fast Fossils

Steve Newbauer – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Electric Trike

Atomic Zombie homemade trikes

homemade trike


ICE trike


Utah Trikes

assortment of Catrike videos

RBR (Recumbent Bike Riders)

tadpole trikes are a blast to ride

BentRider Nation

Every Which Way But Lost

Travels By Trike

Stan Richards

Ken Poindexter

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