Welcome to the Tadpole Rider blog. I  am Steve Newbauer. I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States. I previously wrote a blog I called Tadpole Rider before making the decision to end it. Not only did I end it, but I totally deleted it. Later I found myself regretting deleting it as I had put a lot of time and effort into creating it. Now that I have decided to start all over again I do so from scratch. I plan on working hard to put it all back together. That being said, I am not making any promise that it will be identical to what I had before. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. 🙂   FYI, after deleting my original tadpolerider blog I could not get back that name when I restarted it so that is why you see tadpolerider2 as the name now.

You can contact me at … tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)

Anyway, here is some about myself:

Yeppur! I am sold on Tadpole Trikes …

Here is a picture of me on my current trike:

new trike 1st pics 004

Steve Newbauer, Age 73

Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.

My first tadpole trike was one which I made myself. I then bought a factory made trike. My original factory made trike was a silver 2009 Catrike Trail but now I have a 2013 green frame as a result of Catrike replacing my original frame under warranty as it developed a hairline crack in the weld on the underside of the crossmember. I also renewed nearly everything on the trike when I got this new frame so for all practical purposes it is a 2013 model.

I started riding recumbent bicycles as a result of wanting comfort and painless cycling. I got into riding a trike as a result of wanting to be able to keep riding during the winter time. I made my first tadpole trike out of mild steel so it was heavy compared to my Catrike Trail which is made of aluminum. Here is a picture of it. I sold it to a guy who said he intended to motorize it.

my homemade tadpole trike for sale

Once I rode a tadpole trike I enjoyed it so much more than a bike that I prefer it now over a 2 wheeled recumbent bike. They are just so much fun to ride and far safer than 2 wheels. They are also more comfortable than a recumbent bicycle. They are like driving a sports car or go cart as they handle great.

sun ez sport recumbent 2

My 2 wheeled recumbent bike (which looked like this) just sat around no longer ridden so I eventually sold it.

Steve Newbauer Catrike

I thought I would mention further that most of my riding is on our local paved trail system. I first started riding on these trails on a mountain bike back in 2005 I think. In 2007 I made my first 2 wheeled recumbent bike and rode it on the trails followed by my factory made 2 wheeled recumbent bike and then my homemade tadpole trike in Nov. 2007. In late May 2009 I bought my Catrike Trail. From the start of it all in 2005 until now in June 2019 I have ridden a total of over 84,000 miles (as of Nov. 2019) … mostly on the local trail system.

The website for our local trail system is  HERE.

We have excellent trails and they are hard at work expanding and connecting them together in a master plan which will be awesome. Of course, with the high cost of trail building and various hurdles it is slow and challenging.

Here I am riding along on the Maumee Pathway which is my favorite Ft. Wayne Trail.

Steve Newbauer Catrike 02

I used to take our dog along with me sometimes. He would ride in the basket as well as walk and run alongside of me. He developed a physical problem and could no longer go out with me like this. This picture below was taken by a local newspaper and was part of a FEATURE STORY in the paper. Much to my surprise it appeared on the front page.

Steve Newbauer Catrike 03

And here is another local news coverage … channel 15 television (I appear about 40 seconds into the video)

luke and I on channel 15 website double size

And yet another newspaper story 

on maplecrest road extension reduced

And one last tv news story  where I was there and interviewed (about 45 seconds into the video):

Steve channel 55 news story

I like to have fun (that is one reason I ride a tadpole trike) and awhile back I did so with some photo editing:

My first moon ride

Steve Newbauer on Moon

I am back down to earth now and will probably remain so … at least for now. So if you happen to be riding on the Fort Wayne Trail system we just might run into each other so …


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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Found your site whilst looking for bike tyre review, very intresting site, i too love cycling and am out as much as i can the feel good factor (endorphins) and fitness all help to keep me trim and in great mental health (in this crazy world!).
    You guys have great trails out there,not so good in folkestone u.k they keep building on all the old forests & trails!
    Great site & keep on triking!

  2. Very impressed with your mileage ! Great to see you still have that kid in you that wants to keep on riding. I’m hoping to buy my first fat tire trike this coming spring. Thanks for the inspiration Korby

  3. thanks for putting this sight together. I just got a trike for my birthday and can’t to go riding

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