Are you looking for a trike dealer that sells trikes? Check out my Trike Dealer page.

Here are some trike manufacturers I have linked to their websites:


Avenue Trikes





Here is a video where 6 of the 8 models of Catrike are covered.




HP Velotechnik












HERE is a listing of prices for various brands.


For those who are interested in off road riding and “fatrikes” (fat trikes) Steve Greene has a great article posted on his Trike Asylum blog about Fat Trikes.



Bikes Reclinadas – Brazil

David Bruce Trikes – USA

Fortrike – Brazil

Trikewars – Philippines

Utah Trikes – USA


HERE is an alphabetical listing of trikes with other information about them.


HERE is another website which lists trike manufacturers although it not up to date as far as models, etc.


Here is a temporary list of tadpole trike manufacturers. They may not all still be in business.

ACE – Advanced Cycle Engineering – (Netherlands)

A.S. Engineering – (Russia)

Aiolos – (Germany)

American Cruiser – (USA)

Angletech – (USA) QuadraPed arm/leg

AnthroTech – (Germany)

Auto Craft Izu – (Japan) click on one of the links across the top of the page (just under the header)

Azub – (Czech Replubic)

B&M Enterprises – (USA) Scarab trikes

Berkut – (Russia)

BikeBuilders – (Netherlands) power assist

BTR Bikes – (Uruguay)

CarbonTrikes – (Sweden)

Catrike – (USA)

Challenge – (Netherlands)

ComfortBikes – (Switzerland)

Cycle Genius Recumbents – (USA)

Cyclone – (Taiwan) full suspension with or without electric assist

Dallicycles – (USA) front wheel drive all terrain trike with suspension

DB Dave Bruce Trikes – (USA) front wheel drive

Easyracers / EZ – (USA) the same as Sun

Edge Recumbents – (USA) folding trikes from Evolve Trikes

Evolve Trikes – (Australia) folding trike

FFR Trikes – (USA) electric trikes based on KMX trikes

Freedom HPV’s – (Australia)

Gforce Recumbents – (Netherlands)

Greenspeed – (Australia)

HP Velotechnik – (Germany)

ICE / Inspired Cycle Engineering Ltd – (UK)

Industrial Bicycles – (USA) also the Phoenix

KMX Karts Ltd – (UK) also KMX US

Land Rower – (USA) arm/leg rowing trike from Adirondack Rowing

LoGo Trikes & HPV’s – (Australia)

M.R. Components – (Australia)

Outdoor Experts – (Germany) may be made by TW-Bents. Available online

Outrider USA – (USA) electric assist, all terrain, adaptive. Used to be FFR

PampasPed – (Finland) click on the UK flag

Performance Recumbent – (USA) Getitibent

Performer – (Taiwan) sold by RecumbentUSA in the USA, Flying Furniture in Australia

Pinnacle Trikes – (Australia) also fairings

Pirol Trikes – (Germany) front suspension

Podersa Cycles – (Italy)

Q-Cycles – (Germany) Rondane, Njunis, Troms and a velomobile – (USA)

RunAbout Cycles – (USA) electric assist – (USA) by Delfosse Technologies Inc

Special Purpose Vehicles – by Bill Darby. Also “Frequent Flyer” trike for travel

Specialty Designs – (Canada) scroll through photos for trikes

ST Manufacturing Inc – (Japan)

SteinTrikes – (Serbia) a wide range of trikes including full suspension. Also available at Bike Revolution in Austria.

Stewarts Gully Industries / Pedalmania – (New Zeland) custom builder of almost any cycle. Recycled bikes

Sun Bicycle – (Taiwan) the same as Easyracer

Tai Ying – (Taiwan) TY-Bents

Tapio Osala – (Finland) Härmäpyörä

Tom Teesdale / T.E.T Cycles – (tadpole – USA)

Terra Trike – (tadpole – USA)

Thijs Industrial Designs – arm/leg rowing trike

Thorax – (Germany)

Ti-Trikes – (USA) titanium trikes

Toxy – (Germany) TR suspension trike. It isn’t listed on their Home Page. Thay also make the Trimobil freight/pedicab/tandem

TriSled Human Powered Vehicles – (Australia)

Trident Trikes – (USA) they are also developing a 3-speed planetary gear front chainring – (Russia)

Trikes4all – (Canada) high seat tadpole. Specializing in cycles for the physically challenged

TW-Bents – (Taiwan)

USVA Bikes – (Netherlands)

Velogic – (Poland) trojkolowiec and trans

VogaTrike – (Italy) arm/leg rowing trike

WheelFunRentals – (USA)

Windcheetah AVD – (UK)



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  1. PLease check under manufacturers. you state Steintrikes is based in Serbia. I believe you may have confused a dealer with the manufacturer.Its my understanding that Steintrikes is based in Austria in Ganzersdorf

    1. You are correct and I made the correction on the page. Thank you for pointing it out. According to what I have read Steintrikes are made in Serbia, but the manufacturer is in Austria.

  2. Greetings, Looking for a LWB full suspension E-Recumbent (250watt) to buy/import for personal use,Australia

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