Further below are various sources available to locate used tadpole trikes for sale. Keep in mind that tadpole trikes usually sell quickly so one needs to act fast.


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Here are sources of listings online which I will link to here (this is by no means an exhaustive list):

used Catrikes 4 sale on Catrike Owners Group

BentRider OnLine

Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine

American Listed


Facebook Recumbent Classifieds

Total Bike Classifieds unclassified ads

crazyguyonabike classifieds




Recumbent Riders International classifieds

(be very careful using Craigslist as there are lots of unscrupulous people committing serious and violent crimes using Craigslist to make contact and arrange to meet with their victims.  Use common sense … never have them come to your home. Always meet in a public place with lots of other people around … preferably where there are police or at least security guards. Always meet in the day time.  Take a friend along with you.)


You can find some great deals shopping for a tadpole trike on Ebay but one also needs to be careful using Ebay as there are SCAM artists operating on there as well. You can read more about it HERE.


Another good resource to find a trike for sale is on a Facebook Recumbent Trikes Group and Facebook Recumbent Classifieds. These groups are growing in popularity and gaining membership continually. Trike owners are advertising their trikes for sell on these Facebook Groups although I don’t see all that many listed on there. Here are three such groups:





Another option is to sign up for Google Alerts.

Actually this option is a great one as it not only lists lots of trikes for sale but anything else related to recumbent tadpole trikes. Google will send you an email showing you whatever is being posted online about whatever you enter as the search criteria.

Be sure to select “as it happens”, “everything” and “all results” so you will find out about trikes for sale which have been posted online as quickly as possible. Select your “Language”, “Region” and provide your email address. I would suggest creating a Google Alerts for “recumbent trikes” and “tadpole trikes”. It doesn’t seem to make any difference as to whether you use trike vs. trikes in your search criteria. Upon creating the alert Google will send an email to you with a link you must click to confirm the alert setup process. Cancelling these alerts is simple enough although you may want to keep receiving them if you have an interest in tadpole trikes.

Google Alerts


There are also some bike/trike dealers around who sell used trikes, but I choose not to list them here.



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