Now I ask ya … do you know the A B C’s? It is imperative that you do … and time is running out. As you read on in this you will quickly discover what it is all about and most of you will just as quickly lose interest in it and join the multitudes who reject what I am sharing. In doing so I ask you to remember the true story of how all who heard Noah warning the people of the peril to come not only rejected his warning but they laughed at him and mocked him. They called him names scoffing at him … right up until it started to rain and kept raining and the water rose. Many went to the ark (ship) to gain entry and be safe from the rising waters but it was in vain as God had shut the door and sealed it. It was too late. If only they would have listened to Noah. They all tried to save themselves from the imminent danger by moving to higher ground thinking they would be safe, but the water just kept on rising and they found themselves in most serious trouble as they were about to drown. It wasn’t funny then. They knew that they should have listened. They could have been saved if they would have only listened and believed and done as they would be directed. Instead of doing so only 8 people of all of the earth’s population were spared their peril. Only 8 people survived what God had warned about. Nobody was laughing then. God destroyed all of mankind sparing only 8 people. He warned everyone ahead of time but they didn’t listen. Instead they laughed and mocked God’s servant who warned them. God has warned us that He will once again destroy this earth … this time by fire. God provided a means of escape and safety for 8 people when He destroyed all living creatures by water. He had Noah build an ark … a large ship in which those 8 people and animals of the world would be sealed up in floating safely on the surface of the flood water until the water receded and land reappeared. Yes, God provided salvation then and He provides it now for the next time peril will come. Those who respond to His warning will be safe but those who just laugh, mock, reject and ignore His offer of salvation will surely perish.

What does this have to do with the A, B, C’s you ask? Like Noah I am among millions who are warning of the peril to come. Many … most laugh at me and totally reject the warning just like they did Noah. But for any who are interested the salvation offered is as simple as A, B, C. Let’s take a look …

A – Admit that you are a sinner and need to be saved … that you are lost and incapable of saving yourself.

B- Believe both in your head as well as in your heart that Jesus Christ (God’s Son) was born, lived among man, died a horrific death carrying out God’s plan to save mankind, and was resurrected … brought back to life by God victoriously and returned to heaven with His Father having achieved His mission of dying in our place paying the penalty for our sin. Lastly believe that He (Jesus) will return again just as He said to complete saving us from what is coming upon the earth … the destruction by fire I mentioned.

C- Call on the Name of the Lord Jesus to be saved. Be willing to forsake sin and allow Him to come into your heart and life to begin the process of changing you … remaking you into His image.

If you do this He promises to save you and spare you from His anger and wrath to come as He judges the world (all of those who rejected Him). There is nothing you can do to save yourself. You know the truth and are accountable for it. What will you do with Jesus? He has clearly told us in His written word (the Bible) of our fate if we neglect the salvation He alone offers us. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. If we die in our sin we shall surely perish. We must come to Him on His terms. Again I ask you, what will you do with Jesus?

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