I just read this headline published by doctors who are putting their carreers and lives on the line in their stand for the truth and against medical tyranny:

We now know there has been a 40% jump in mortality rates among life insurance policyholders in 2021!

Also, disability rates have reached a record high of 33 million Americans.America’s Frontline Doctors org.

More than 200,000 have already died in the U.S. alone after receiving the death jab.

The corrupt controlled mainstream news media isn’t saying hardly anything about all the people dying. And if they do happen to say anything you can be sure they would do their best to try to hide the truth and explain it away some way besides the truth. But anybody who is paying any attention can readily see that something is going on all over the world. Wherever people got the so-called covid vaccine deaths and lots of health issues are happening alarmingly.

The main stream news media may not be talking about it but more and more they find themselves dealing with the fact it is happening and they can’t deny it. I among thousands of others sounded the warning but most people would not listen. Guess what! People are finally starting to wake up. Sadly it is too late for millions of people who were foolish enough to take “the death jab”. As time continues to go by more and more will die, get horribly ill. be infertile and who knows what all else. Dire consequences lie ahead.

Consider Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, who said,

“We’re in the middle of the biggest crime in history…it has the intent of control…and will involve killing further millions…”

My wife works at a local hospital and reports that those staff members who received the death jab experience a lot of sickness and medical problems they didn’t have before. They are missing a lot of work calling in sick or going home sick while at work.

Most people have not given any thought to the fact that having received these horrific injections has tainted their blood so that they will not be able to give blood to help their fellow man. Only those who were wise enough not to get the death jab still have healthy blood running thru their veins. This delemna will greatly effect the blood bank all over the world.

It is truly sad that this world will continue to experience multitudes of deaths that would not have happened if the death jab had not happened. As for me, since doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmicists, etc. willingly took part in this evil I no longer trust them. I especially don’t trust Big Pharma. I am quite concerned about medicines people take and other vaccines. I don’t trust Big Pharma from using medicines and anything that is injected from being uses to put their bad ingredients into them forcing those who take the medicines and get the injections to get the death jab by this means. They have already proven they can’t be trusted and evil is their intent. It is scary!

I find it quite interesting that Bill Gates got heavily involved in immunizations and has admitted that the plan is to use these injections to kill off most of the world population. He is neither a medically trained person nor a scientist but he tries to pass himself off as someone who knows about immunizations. You can bet he did not receive the death jab.

I am so glad Jesus saved me and I am His. My life and my future are in His hands. He is the same God Who said that His children will pick up deadly vipers, drink deadly poison and not be harmed.  Mark 16:18

Dr. Simone Gold heads up America’s Frontline Doctors. She was sentenced to prison for daring to speak the truth about Covid 19.

These people we are dealing with are just plain evil and most serious in their agenda to take over rule of the world. It will eventually happen. How do I know you ask? Because God has told us so in His Word. It is going to get ugly folks, real ugly. But there is good news . Jesus saves and those who He has saved are not appointed to His wrath. Satan will accomplish the one world government but thank God it won’t last but 7 years before Jesus returns to earth to destroy all that Satan has set up. Jesus will set up His kingdom ruling over all the earth. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord! Don’t procrastinate. Today is the day, right now is the time to turn your life over to Jesus. He awaits you with open outstreched arms. You don’t have to go thru that 7 year long period. Jesus will remove His people from this earth before it starts. Time is short. We do not know when He will come for His people. It could be any moment and it will happen very fast … in the twinkling of an eye. It will be hell on earth for those who are left here.