I have written about bar end mitts previously: My First Impressions and Now That I Have Used Them For Awhile. However with Winter approaching I thought I would write about them again. Back in 2018 I bought a pair and installed them on my trike. I have always struggled with cold hands and feet. And because of this I have tried several different things. Unfortunately I am unable to tell you that I have found something that really works well for me.

My opinion of the bar end mittens is mixed and hasn’t changed. I really like the concept but the actual experience of them is another matter. Two things come to mind … 1) the physical size of the bar end mitts and 2) the insulating quality factor of the bar end mitts. My bar end mitts come up lacking in both areas. My bar end mitts are way too small inside. They are too small even for my bare hands much less bulky gloves or mittens on my hands. Because of this my hands are in contact with my brake levers and those aluminum levers do get cold in the winter time. And the insulating quality of my bar end mitts do nothing to keep that cold from transferring right thru to my hands. Even with gloves or mittens the cold still gets conducted thru all the material involved. With gloves or mittens on there is not enough room inside of the bar end mitts to be comfortable and work the controls (twist shifters and brake levers). I used my bar end mitts one winter season and removed them in the Spring. I reinstalled them the next winter but removed them within a few weeks as they just don’t do the job for me. Just being too small and cramped up inside is enough to make for a bad experience for me. Some suggested to me that I should get bar end mitts that are made for an ATV as they are larger. I will say this about bar end mitts … a factor that I really liked is that they eliminate the wind/cold air by blocking it. I may look into the ATV size at some point in the future. Installing the ones like I have now presents a problem as a trike with vertical handlebars is different than a bicycle’s handlebars. Bicycle bar end mitts are not made for our trikes. It is hard to find really good and effective insulation and if and when you do it costs money. Admittedly, my bar end mitts were inexpensive. They have poor insulation qualities even though the ad said otherwise. It is kind of like many politicians … they’all say anything to get elected. Many manufacturers will say anything to sell their products. Hey, if you attempt to ride thru the winter maybe bar end mitts would help you to …


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