Trike S-4

all wheel drive trike 14

Ah yes, one of the earliest James Bond movies … From Russia With Love. I remember it well. As you can see I titled this posting after the movie title. This has nothing to do with movies nor James Bond, but it does have something to do with both Russian and tadpole trikes. And after all, that is what this blog is supposedly about. To cut to the point I am talking about a tadpole trike which is Russian. Unfortunately it is not in production at this time. A unique trike it is for you see it is ALL WHEEL DRIVE. As you can see on the side of the boom it is a Solovjov 3 x 3. They list it as “Trike S-4”.

Not only is it unique in that it has 3 wheel drive, but it can also be rear wheel drive or front wheel drive. The amazing thing about it all is that with all the extra parts involved it still only weighs a respectable 35.27 pounds according to their WEBSITE.

The trike features adjustable rear suspension. It is fitted with 3 Magura hydraulic drum brakes and the company says they plan on offering the option of hydraulic disc brakes. The boom does not adjust in and out so they have made the seat to slide back and forth on the frame to provide a little bit of variance in rider X-seam. I say a little bit because it is only 4.13 inches of travel. A telescoping boom offers much more adjustment than this so I would expect that both very short riders and very tall riders would have a problem as far as this matter of adjustment. Besides moving the seat forward and backwards on a frame is very undesirable as it effects the trike’s handling.

As to other specifications here are some details:

wheel width center to center is 29.5 inches, 7 inches of ground clearance, 67 inches overall length, 31.5 inches overall height, 8 foot 2 inches turning radius, three 20 inch 406 wheels, indirect steering, bar end shifters, aircraft aluminum frame, titanium drive shafts/bolts/etc., and the rear rack is made of stainless steel tubing.

The company says it warrants everything for 1-2 years. Here are photos of this trike. I think you will agree that it is intriguing.

all wheel drive trike 1

all wheel drive trike 13

all wheel drive trike 2

all wheel drive trike 3

all wheel drive trike 12

all wheel drive trike 5

all wheel drive trike 11

all wheel drive trike 4

all wheel drive trike 8

all wheel drive trike 7

all wheel drive trike 7 all wheel drive trike 6

all wheel drive trike 10

all wheel drive trike 9

Like ol’ Forest, that’s about all I have to say about that. I don’t know if there will ever be any of these trikes produced and sold. I reckon’ time will tell. Right now, it ain’t happening … with or without love. But it is from Russia. Let’s all try to …


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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