The SunSeeker Eco Tad SX Recumbent Trike is featured in this video below from Utah Trikes. The Sun Bicycle manufacturer changed the name of their recumbent division to SunSeeker back in September 2014 so if you are not aware of it it is still the same company as the more known Sun bicycles and trikes. There are riders looking for lower cost trikes and trikes that sit higher (18 inches) and are highly adjustable. This trike qualifies in each of these criteria. At a starting price of $899 it is the lowest cost trike available.

As I stated this trike lists for $899 as the starting price. That includes a SunRace 7-speed derailleur and 11-32 cassette in the rear and a 38 tooth chainring.  It comes with 170 mm cranks. That makes for a range of gear inches of about 22 to 65. And that means that hill climbing would take a lot of effort and high speed via pedaling would not be obtainable. Again, this trike is not designed for nor intended for high speed anyway.

It has a fully adjustable, mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom. The handlebars adjust both horizontally and vertically. Locking brake levers come standard on it as does two water bottle holders which mount on the handlebars where they are quite convenient. There are also two extra water bottle mounts on the seat back. Ordering this trike from Utah Trikes one can readily get it highly customized (for additional cost).

Standard tires are Kenda Kwest 20″ x 1.5 “. The rims are single wall so they won’t be as strong as the more common double wall rims found on most trikes.  But then this trike is not built for speed and handling so hopefully this would not be an issue. Because the frame is a straight line design there is no need for idlers in the chain management.

The Eco Tad comes in three stock color options: Red, Blue, and Navy Blue. Utah Trikes charge $49 to paint it metallic blue or $199 to paint the trike whatever other color the customer selects from the nearly 3 dozen colors they offer. They also have one special black paint job they offer for $299. Utah Trikes charges $250 shipping charge for trikes ordered from them.

I will insert here that if a person starts adding on a lot of extra options, especially some of the more expensive ones such as improvement in the gearing the initial low cost of the trike escalates quickly. It makes no sense to end up paying a lot of money to equip such a trike when it is an “entry level trike”. You certainly could never begin to recoup such additional expense output if you wanted to sell it later on. The buyer would be better off buying a better trike to begin with.

HERE is Utah Trike’s article on this trike.

Detailed Specifications —

Frame Material: Hi Tensile Lightweight Steel
Trike Weight: 46 lbs
Total Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (Rider) + 75 lbs (Cargo)
Wheelbase: 37-1/2in (95cm)
Wheel Track: 31in (79cm)
Total Length: 70-1/2in – 78-3/4in (179-199cm)
Total Width: 31in (78.7cm)
Total Assembled Height: 34in (86cm)
Ground Clearance: 8.5in (22cm)
Bottom Bracket Height: 13.5in (34cm)
Steering Type: Direct Steer with 2-way adjustable handlebars
Steering Pivot Type: Cartridge Bearings
Ackerman Steering: Yes
Turning Circle: 70in (1.8m)
Seat Height: 17-18in (43-46cm)
Seat Width: 16.5in (42cm)
Seat Angle: 45-90 degrees
Country of Origin: Taiwan

The SunSeeker webpage for this trike doesn’t show much information so I am also linking to Utah Trikes webpage for it as it has far more.

I will throw this out for what it is worth … if I were in the market for an entry level trike I would go with this one over the TerraTrike Rover. I just think it is a better design and a little better quality that the Rover. The Rover is quite popular, but as a highly experienced weldor and metal fabricator when I look at a Rover I am not impressed as far as the design and materials used. It just looks chintzy to me.

To the best of my knowledge this trike is the lowest priced trike available at this time. Keep in mind that this is not a speed trike, but is strictly for leisurely riding. It might be just the ticket for those working with a tight budget and don’t need or want a sportier, more efficient,  better handling trike. Yes, this just might enable them to join others and …



Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. Bought the sun seeker used. Great shape little used. It is great ride for me. I do about 9 miles three time a week sometime more around the area I live. I live in a place that has great streets that go around large parks and subdivisions. Great for someone who’s balance isn’t great. Better exercise than going to gym. I am 83 years old male. Just the right trike for what I need. Had the bike over a year and NO problems. 2020

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