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Does the idea of riding your trike using any tire you want and not having to deal with flats appeal to you? I kind of thought it would. Well, there is good news. For those who are mechanically inclined enough you can go the cheap route of DIY (do it yourself). It is not hard. You can pretty much use any tire that fits your rim to convert it into tubeless and then simply use a sealant inside of the tire to seal off any punctures that take place. Here is a video showing how to do it …

This method is commonly referred to as “ghetto tubeless”.

And here is yet another way to go tubeless …

As to how well this works check out this video …

There are gobs of videos online about this subject. Those who have a hankerin’ to go tubeless have plenty of information available to help them accomplish this. If I understand correctly it is recommended that you use an inner tube smaller in diameter than what the rim calls for. This is so it is a snug fit on the rim.

There are various sealant products on the market. Probably the best known one is Slime. I personally have never been impressed with Slime and can’t recommend it. The Stan’s NoTubes Tire Sealant is probably the one most recommended.

I wonder if going tubeless would prevent air leakage like occurs using tubes. It would be nice if the tires held air pressure and would not need to be pumped up every few weeks or whatever.

I have not gotten into this, but I am guessing that depending upon the frequency of punctures and the size of those punctures sealant inside of the tire will be lost thru the punctures. In time I am pretty sure that it would be necessary to add more sealant inside the tire. An injection device is available to add more sealant thru the valve stem.

stans sealant injector for valve stem

According to what I have read Stan’s sealant lasts 3 to 6 months once inserted inside of a tire. I would think that using a sealant like this would result in the sealant setting up inside the tire to where it needs to be removed before adding more. That would be a royal pain.

I may even give this a try myself someday. However, I doubt very much if I would change to another tire as I really love these Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. The fact that they ride nice, handle good, resist damage (including cuts) and wear so incredibly long is reason enough for me to stay with them. I like having maximum value and service for my money and the Marathon Plus tires deliver.

stans tubeless olym valve stem

I would guess though that in order to use them I would have to go the route of tubeless valve stem instead of the ghetto tubeless as I don’t think there is anyway I would be able to install the Marathon Plus tire using an inner tube sticking over the rim.

I came across this from Schwalbe which needs to be shared here …

Schwalbe Disclaimer sealant use

Yep, the concept of riding without concern of getting flats is very appealing. With no flats we can …


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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  1. A very interesting alternative to the tube tire, and wheel…! I don’t know if I am exactly yet ready to cross this bridge of tubeless tires on bicycle wheels as of yet though, I am one who goes the way of the old, and it is usually a very hard sell for me to make such changes as I am pretty much set in my ways…! But that does not mean that some where down that lost and low dusty road a south that I will not come about on keel and go a full 180 degrees in another direction… As I have been known to do on the fly, as I am very easily swayed by an unusually different way of living life if it really interests me…!

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