DAVID RIDES A TRIKE (and is truly an inspiration to many others)

swore I posted something about this man on this blog recently but I can’t find it. Oh, now I remember … it was his video talking about trail etiquette. I was impressed with it. Now I am finding that he does indeed have other good videos to watch and glean from.

Here is a short statement David Goldman wrote about himself and his media he provides:   ”Yes, my name is David and I ride a trike.
I try to provide a little bit of motivation for people to get outside and do something – ride a bike (trike), walk, run, etc. in order to feel better and specifically those with chronic illness or disabilities.”

David’s website

David’s YouTube channel

David’s Facebook Page

David’s photos

good article about David

I hope you are encouraged and motivated.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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