Carbon fiber trikes have come and gone … mostly gone as for one reason or another they just don’t seem to be popular. Terra Trike tried making and marketing one for awhile but it disappeared. There are still a few around but we just don’t hear much about them. Performer offers a carbon fiber model they call CANTUS. I personally consider a trike made of carbon fiber to be a  high risk as if they break most likely they will be in the junk pile. The main attraction to carbon fiber is weight. Strangely that is the one thing I can’t find on Performer’s Cantus webpage. They don’t state how much the trike weighs. I looked it up online and found it is 27.5 pounds so it isn’t all that much lighter than some aluminum models. The CANTUS is 22 speed and has high end components. The cost begins at about $3700. For that price you get standard aluminum wheels which I would prefer over carbon fiber. I don’t think carbon fiber wheels would last very long for me.


Carbon fiber wheels are available for an additional cost ($4325).

It is a really nice looking trike but I would be most concerned about the carbon fiber breaking and becoming a piece of junk. I will stick to my aluminum frame. It has held up great over the years and believe me it has endured some nasty bumps and shock treatment. Besides I have no need of shedding a few pounds of weight off of my trike. I have great need of shedding it off of me however. That’s another story and I don’t want to talk about it.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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